April Favorites

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True Match Foundation – W6

This foundation is a newly discovered product that I will forever be grateful for. Recently, I have been looking for a foundation that would last all day long, give me a dewy finish and fit perfectly with my skin.  What I love about this line is that before you even decide which shade you are, you must first choose whether you are neutral, warm or cool toned. This really helped me out because although some foundations may look like they may fit your complexion, the foundation may not finish well onto your skin. This foundation goes on so smoothly whether I use my beauty blender or a foundation brush. Regardless, the foundation sinks into my skin, allowing my face to seem as if I have nothing on. Another big issue  is how long my foundation lasts. Many times, my foundation vanishes towards the end of the day, but the True Match foundation tends to last all day long. I really love this foundation and I have been using it nonstop.

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WetnWild Illuminating Palette

This is another wonderful discovery I have made this month where I got something I didn’t expect from this product. Before I bought this, I had purchased ColourPop’s highlighter “Wisp” and I was not that fond of the product. When I was shopping for a new highlighter at the drugstore, I saw the WetnWild Illuminating Palette. Since it was so cheap, I decided to try it out and honestly, I do not think I will search for another highlighter again. The first time I used this product I used a cheap Ulta brush, not expecting much, but after only swatching the bush a few times on the palette and onto my skin, I immediately saw a glow. The glow it gives is so natural looking where it does not give away a cakey feel or look up close. I think the reason behind that is the amount of pigmentation, where a little goes such a long way so you don’t have to keep building onto the highlighter. This highlighter has four shades to choose from. The two outer colors, which are gold and bronze, are my favorite, but for those who like shimmery blushes would appreciate the two inner colors which are two shades of pink. Even swiping all four shades leave for a nice glow. This product is extremely cheap and even if it were more expensive, it would definitely be worth the price.

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I bought this brush a couple months ago and forgot about it, but earlier this month I wanted some more coverage so I decided to use this brush and honestly, I do not know why I stopped using it in the I first place. I usually use the beauty blender to apply my foundation, but recently, I have been using the beauty blender for my first layer then building my foundation on more blemished areas with the Expert Face Brush. I tend to dab the foundation onto my skin which  leaves my face looking flawless. I really like this brush because it is so dense, picking up just enough foundation and not absorbing it. The amount of foundation that I pick up with the brush is the same that goes onto my face which is really helpful since I do not have to use too much product.

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Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Dry Oil Spray

Just like my body, I want my hair to smell good; all the time. As a curly haired girl, the products that I use are fruity and contain ingredients that give my hair a fresh scent when I put it on, but one thing that I specifically use to make my hair smell good is the Herbal Essence Dry Oil Spray. A few squirts and I am set for the entire day. This spray is not even meant to be used as something to make your hair smell good; it is more of an oil based product meant to keep your hair hydrated and shiny, but I use this thing every day to make sure my hair smells amazing.

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Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner

I usually don’t wear liquid eyeliner only because it takes me so long to try and perfect it and honestly,  I am too lazy to get up early in order to have that perfect wing, but this month I have been dedicated. This month, I decided to start wearing eyeliner again and I have realized how much I have missed it. This eyeliner is great for anyone who wants that perfect wing because it has such a sharp tip, neither being too thick or thin when applying. One great thing about this product is that it glides on so smoothly. Many times before this product, I have struggled with the eyeliner drying out quickly or the pen not gliding on smoothly enough, but this liquid eyeliner is great for having a clean finish. Another good thing is that the way it dries prevents it from being easily removed. I always forget I have eye makeup on and start rubbing my eye, but when I look on my hand there are any black marks. When I look in the mirror, the eyeliner is still intact which is great showing how sturdy and long lasting the product is.

Be loud. Be happy. Be frizzy. Be you.



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