Colourpop Haul


Ultra Matte Lip
Bumble, Tulle, Ouiji, Creeper

Everyone knows that one’s lip color is really what brings the face together. You could only be wearing mascara and liquid eyeliner, but as soon as you add a beautiful bold lip, everything is finally put together. The Ultra Matte Lips are literally the only lipsticks I wear. Their affordable price is what drew me to them, but their quality is what kept me running back to add more colors into my shopping cart. The lipsticks are extremely pigmented and long lasting. Apply a coat, give it a minute to dry and voilà! No need to bring the lipstick out with you either because not a straw, a sloppy burger or kisses to friends and family will wear out the color on your lips. I mean, I can put some on early in the morning and I will struggle trying to get it all off late at night.

Lippie Stix

While I was shopping, I decided to try something new, being the lippie stix. Because it’s more of a mauve color, Lumière is great for an everyday wear. The formula is extremely creamy and gentle on the lips and it is not too bold like the ultra matte lips. They are still very pigmented while being a bit more subtle. I love Lumier and I am sure I will being buying some more soon!


All girls ask when looking for a new powder or bronzer is, “Will it make me look cakey?” Colourpop’s Carry-On is something I feel as though everyone should have in their make-up bag. It is neither too pigmented nor lightweight. The bronzer’s perfect balance of giving just enough color to one’s cheekbones is what allows it for an everyday wear. It has a very warm tone to it and is perfect when trying to achieve that nice warm glow. Carry-On does not have that cakey feel or extremely powdery look making it one of my favorite bronzers.

Wisp, The Golden Child

In my last post, I said I was not too satisfied with Colourpop’s Wisp. Well, I went back trying to see if I was wrong and I definitely realized that all I needed to do was to go a bit past the surface. I have two highlighters, being Wisp and The Golden Child. These two highlighters give me the natural glow I look for in my everyday makeup routine. They are not as pigmented as the Wet&Wild Illuminating Palette, but that is why I like them. If I am trying to go for a more natural look, then I immediately go for one of these highlighters. The Golden Child is more pigmented than Wisp and that leads me to believe that other highlighters can be more pigmented than The Golden Child, but overall the highlighters are smooth and long lasting where a little goes a long way.

From left to right: The Golden Child, Wisp, Creeper, Ouija, Bumble, Tulle, Lumière

Be loud. Be happy. Be frizzy. Be you.

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