Top 5 Thrifting Tips

Plain t-shirts, simple bomber jackets, retro windbreakers and underrated mom jeans are perfect finds at any thrift store. Pieces of clothing such as these can sometimes be missed when shopping and I am here to list a few things to keep in mind when searching through cramped racks of clothing.

Know What You’re Looking For
It’s always great to find something unexpectedly, but many times we can leave the thrift store empty handed when we don’t set a goal. Before going to a thrift store, you should try to know what you would like to leave the place with. Whether it is a vintage jacket, a simple hat or printed skirt, it will be more efficient when you know what you are looking for.

Creativity at its Finest
Knowing what we want at a thrift store brings creativity into account. Many times, we will find what we want, but it may not be exactly what we had in mind. For example, I could be looking for a fitted jean jacket, but after searching, I only find an oversized one. In this case, I would suggest being open-minded. Rather than placing it back on the rack, think of a few outfits that could work with it. This may include the basic plain white t-shirt with a pair of black jeans outfit with the jacket. Or, you could go outside the box and add your own style to the jacket, perhaps with a dress or skirt and some stockings. Being creative is what really allows you to take in what the store has to offer and make something out of staple clothing.

Be Open-Minded
Creativity and having an open-mind go hand-in-hand. Since I already went over what to do when we find the piece of clothing we want, but maybe not the style, what do we do when we find something we think we may like, but are unsure of? These times are when we discover our inner thrifting hearts (if that even makes any sense). Simple pieces of clothing can go so far, when we can imagine outfits that will compliment the piece. Always be open to wearing something different, whether it is a different style or idea, be open to it because that is the whole point in thrifting. The fun is in the finds where something so simple or something people tend to look over is recreated into something fashionable.

Let’s Not Get Too Excited
The moment we go through the racks and see the tags and prices, we tend to want to get everything we think we are going to wear, although we really know we won’t. A top here and skirt there, all thrown into the cart seems fun, but the whole idea will be pointless when we don’t wear any of it after we leave the store. So, in order to prevent this, go through every piece and imagine what to wear with it before heading over to the register.

Inspection Before Acceptance
Do not forget that you are shopping at a thrift store. This means that people have worn whatever you are buying for who knows how long. These news finds may be exciting, but always make sure to check for holes, tears, stains or anything else that may change you decision to buy the item because if not, once you wear them, you may regret the purchase and it would have been a waste.

Be loud. Be happy. Be frizzy. Be you.


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