My First Deva Curl Experience


Every curly haired girl prays for the moment she can walk into a salon and speak to her stylist as if she were any other natural haired beauty about different leave-ins, the best deep conditioners and the struggle of wearing satin bonnets in order to tame the frizz. Fortunately for me, I finally found curly hair heaven on 435 Broome St. in Soho, New York. My new friends Nevila and Analis took real good care of me from the moment I stepped through the door all the way until I gave my last hug goodbye. Please excuse the extremely poor quality of these photos, but I hope that you guys do get the idea of how well each and every girl is treated at the Deva Curl Salon.

Here is the moment I sat on the chair before I met Nevila, the hair cutting goddess, who worked her magic and turned my uneven hair into a smooth, symmetrical puffball.




After Nevila changed my life with her scissors, I met Analis, the second woman who helped change my entire being, as far as my hair. Although I came in with the intent to do a single process, which is just dying my hair one color, she showed me a new way of getting the result I wanted, which was through the pintura highlights process. Since this was her specialty, I had absolutely no problem relaxing in her chair, watching her make streaks all over my head. And even though I was not sure how this would turn out, I left more than happy with the way Analis blessed me with every ounce of dye that was brushed onto my hair.






These two women, including every other person in that room made me feel at home. Half the women at Deva Curl Salon did not have curly hair, yet were walking around welcoming curly hair beauties with scissors in one hand and a robe in another. Women of all different shapes and sizes, with different stories, testimonies and of course hair routines come together into one big room sharing a uniqueness that they all have: big, beautiful, puffy, frizzy, curly hair.

Be loud. Be happy. Be frizzy. Be you.


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