July Favorites

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Maybelline Dream BB Cream
So far this summer, I have really been relying on Maybelline’s Dream BB Cream. The lightweight formula is perfect for me because I don’t like putting too much on my face knowing I will sweat as soon as I walk out the door. The coverage is not like a foundation,
but it gets the job done when I don’t want to wear too much, yet still want something on my face. When I really need some concealing, I will get a bit of concealer or foundation and lighten up the product by mixing it with the BB Cream. I also love this product because it has SPF, so there is one less thing I have to put on my face since I can skip the sun block.


Kat Von D Lolita
OMG LOLITA!! At first, I was not sure if I want to spend the $20, but after enough tries in trying to match the color with ColourPop’s ultra matte lips, I figured why not? Since then, it has been one of my greatest purchases. The color is subtle, yet has enough color to make you seem done up. It is perfect an everyday wear since it is not bold and lasts all day long!


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
We all know that washing our faces every morning and night is extremely important. Gainer’s Micellar Cleaning Water is a great way to start any morning or nighttime routine. Use the product with two cotton pads and your face will be bare and ready to be washed!


Shea Moisture Superfruit Multi-Vitamin Frizz-Taming Smoothie
First, let me begin by saying that Shea Moisture’s line is amazing for anyone with curly hair. Their shampoos, leave-ins and stylers are so moisturizing and it is all organic! Now, this smoothie has been a huge fave because it is such a lightweight cream where usually the creams are pretty thick. I believe that leave-ins are so important because it is the very first product that will be put onto your hair and will be base for everything else, therefore, I think they should be creamy and lightweight. While being lightweight, the frizz-taming smoothie helps shape and define my curls, which is something I really value in a leave-in conditioner.


Deva Curl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam
Since I steer away form heavy products, I really like Deva Curl’s Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam. The product, along with the rest of Deva Curl’s line, is sulfate, paraben and silicone free. I appreciate this because I know that many stylers are not the best for your hair, but unlike the rest, this foam is amazing for giving some hold by shaping and defining my curls while not making my hair feel sticky or crunchy. I love using this product for wash-and-gos because it helps me have both volume and definition without having too much hold or frizz.

Be loud. Be happy. Be frizzy. Be you.


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