Deep conditioners: The ultimate guide to having moisturized hair

Okay, so in my previous post, I discussed the dangers of sulfate. Now that we know what to stay away from, let’s learn how to regain and maintain that moisture.

Deep conditioners are a must! Each week, you should deep condition your hair to add the extra moisture it needs. I wash my hair once a week with my sulfate-free shampoo, condition and finish it off with a deep conditioner. Although sulfate-free shampoo is better than regular shampoo, it is still cleaning your hair which will result in some oil being taken away. This why I deep condition.

DIY deep conditioners are my favorite because whatever your hair needs you can provide through the ingredients you add into the DIY. Depending on the time of the year, I add certain products in my DIY. Usually, my DIYs are to keep my hair moisturized so the ingredients are meant for providing and maintaining moisture.

1. Conditioner
2. Olive oil
3. Honey (Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air into the skin.)
4. Coconut oil

When I do this, I put my hair in bun, wrap my hair in a plastic bag and then a towel over the bag to help create some heat. Heat is needed when deep conditioning, because it will open up the hair shaft, allowing the hair to absorb all of the nutrients from the deep conditioner. When this happens, everything that you are putting in your hair is allowed to go IN your hair and do its magic.

If I feel really ambitious, I will just put the bag over my head, grab my blow dryer, use low heat and move the blow dryer around to.

Here are some deep conditioning products and a DIY video from SunKissAlba for some more ideas.

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask                            

Eden Body Works All Natural Deep Conditioner          

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating       Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.21.17 PM.png

Be loud. Be happy, Be frizzy. Be you.

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