Need a pick-me-up in the first week back? Just look at the floor

This article was originally published on TheTabRutgers.

The chalk is back.

Pull out your phone and get ready to Snapchat because someone’s been chalking encouraging statements throughout campus.

RU Spiritual, the organization in charge of the artwork, started on College Avenue and finished on Cook/Douglass today, with the intentions of continuing on Livingston and Busch later this week.

In the midst of students preparing for the new semester, the Protestant ministry wants to help out by promoting a healthy state of mind through their chalk designs.

Making a change from other chalk messages last year, the designs say things like “love conquers all” and “spread joy”.

According to Reverend Jeanie Collins, director of the group behind it:”Spirituality is one of those things. Not meaning that you need to go and practice that at a temple or at a church. It’s not about joining a religion, it’s about recognizing what spirituality is and how when it’s not working right, you’re kind of a mess. Academically you don’t do as well, physically you don’t do as well.

“Basically it’s about being connected. Feeling connected to other people and feeling like you fit in. So that’s what we’re doing today. We are telling people ‘you matter’.”

Throughout the rest of the week, be on the lookout for the uplifting quotes and if you happen to miss it, there will be more to see soon.


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